André Malraux

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The primary school, André Malraux, is one of the four primary schools of the Lycée Charles de Gaulle.

Located in the west of London, in Ealing’s residential area, it is noticeable because of its structure, typical of the former redbrick English schools, its green spaces and its courtyards fully equipped with playground games.

The André Malraux School welcomes children from PS to CM2 (end of primary). There are 10 classes, one and a half class per level.

The APL Team

The APL coordinator for 2019-2020 is Elisabeth FLAWN-THOMAS.
You can find her details in your Member Area.

The team of APL representatives at Malraux works hard to create a class dynamic, organise trimestral meetings with parents. The team represents all parents of the school during the school’s councils or with the school’s headmaster and also communicates about the School and APL events all year long.

Parent representatives Conseil d’école (2019-2020)

– Elisabeth FLAWN-THOMAS

– Ophélie SCHERRER

– Lyse LEWIS

– Audrey DEBRU

– Cynthia PERRET

– Panayiota BURQUIER

– Rola RAAD


– Rachel MECKLER

– Imane ABI

André Malraux Profession de foi 2019


The APL representatives are also involved in two important commissions:

  • the Health and Safety commission. 
  • the School Canteen commission which work with the school board and the service provider regarding the logistic and healthy school meals at the Canteen.



The “Fete de l’Ecole”

Each year, the main event at André Malraux is the school fair, organised by the dynamic team of APL’s representatives and of volunteer parents. It articulates itself around the shows prepared by the teachers and a choice of game stands held by school parents. A big buffet is set up and the benefits from the games and buffet help to finance the school events and outings organised by the teachers.