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Education/Private tuitions

Tutoring in Maths and Physics

from Oscar Lemmens
Email :

I am a 2nd year engineer at University of Oxford.
I got 3A*s and an A at A-Level and came 11th out of 170 students in my first year at Oxford.
I’m an experienced tutor in GCSE and A-Level Maths and Physics.
I can offer tutoring at your home or a local library.
I can tutor any level of maths of physics up to A-level/Bac.
I’ve improved many students grades by several grades (eg. C to A*). I can also provide help with applications to university/Oxbridge and interview help.
I can provide references
I am very flexible with times and travel.
Feel free to drop me a message or call me.

Phone: 07718496391