13 March 2018

Art Competition 2018 results

Well done to all participants! We have 18 Winners!

163 pupils from the Lycée Charles de Gaulle and his primary schools participated this year to the APL competition Young Art in partnership with the Royal College of Art.

We are happy to announce that we have this year 18 winners!

So congratulations to :

  • Maxim  Poyser (Commended)
  • Edmond Louet
  • Inès Caron Dhaouadi
  • Stéphanie Drositis
  • Emilie Mercier
  • Tristan de Cacqueray
  • Clara Beasley-Murray
  • Ayana Watts Doucoure
  • Gaïa Gaucher
  • Antoine Lacassagne
  • Hanna Pierre Siniora
  • Sophie Alexandra Loesch
  • Santana Raynes
  • Elsa Guély
  • Eva Maillebiau (Highly Commended)
  • Toscane Bretonniere (Highly Commended)
  • Gayatri Marchand
  • Isabella Stephens