Art Competition


The APL presents the 2021 Art Competition!

The APL has been relaying the Young Art Competition in the LFCG for years, but the circumstances being what they are, the Royal College of Art cannot host this competition in 2021.

The APL Committee decided that it was a shame to deprive the children of it and therefore offers you its very similar version:

  • a theme: “An invention to make the world a better place to live in”, 
  • a contribution of £ 2 which will be given to research into paediatric cancer (Great Ormond Street Hospital),
  • the winners who will see their works published on one of our media. Depending on the evolution of conditions, we will try to offer a “goûter” at the end of the year with graduation and prizes.
  • You have until March 22, 2021 to create and send us your works.
  • Click here for the rules

To send us your drawings, fill out this google form and if you are unable to include the photo or scan the work, please send it as an attachment to

Don’t forget your donation to the charity! Please pay £ 2 by following this link here We will collect the donations and send it to  them as soon as the contest is over.

We thank you Dougou Doucure for the illustration she give us for the poster of the Art Competition.

Thank you to all and to your pencils !!!!