British Section


A British School with a “French Touch”.

The British Section has recently celebrated its 60 years anniversary. This is a unique section in a French Lycée abroad and brings an additional choice of education to our children.

A the end of 4ème, students can either continue in the French system or opt to go to the Brish Section taking the official British exams such as GCSE, IGCSE, AS, A levels.

Entry to the British Section is not automatic and there usually more candidates than available places (90 candidacies for 60 places). To gain entry the pupil will need to go with the following stages : an English test, the “Conseil de Classe”‘s opinion as well as an interview. Pupils apply for British section around March. The test and interview take place around April-May. Please note British Section is a non selective section which means it is not especially the best pupils who will gain entry but the ones judged to be the best adapted to this system in comparison with the French system.

The organisation of the British Section is very different from the French Section, more like te one of a British Section.

However, please note French will still be a major topic in the British Section and students will have to take the IGCSE French Native Speaker which is a high-level exam.

To know more about the British Section and to understand where students go after their A levels.

The APL and the British Section

APL is very active in the British Section as per the French Section with its coordination and class reps. The APL Committee has 1 member from the British Section: Pascale GUELY. However each Committee member’s mission is to represent the whole school community regardless of the sections their children are in.


APL Representatives at the Conseil d’Etablissement

Charlotte Pierre

Helen Manchet

Salima Triki

Nicole Semaan

Soraya Flitti

Linda Righezza

Pascale Guely

Christine Knauf

Virginie Royer

Lamia Monceau

Delphine Granger

Marie Sebti