Charities and Fundraising


Each year the APL organises a fundraising campaign amongst parents, companies in order to raise funds to improve the school life of the 4000 pupils being taught at the Lycée.


The APL comittee raises funds for Friends of the Lycée and the APL Welfare Fund.

APL Welfare Fund (Charity no 1082875)

APL Welfare Fund contributes to school fees and other special needs of children whose families are going through difficult financial issues. This prevent the interruption of schooling at the Lycée and gives pupils the peace of mind to focus on their studies.

Please contact confidentially :

  • Virginie Royer 07970392510
  • Elfi Tatton Brown 07717505780
  • Soraya Flitti 07966504841

or by email  :

Friends of the Lycée (Charity no 1000639)

Friends of the Lycée supports the French and Bilingual Teaching, help finance school equipments, renovation of school facilities, participates in the grants and contributes to the educational projects.

Fundraising : APL APPEAL 2018

Launching the APL Appeal 2018 on behalf of APL Welfare Fund and Friends of the Lycee for the benefit or pupils at the Lycée in South Kensington, André Malraux, Marie d’Orliac and Wix.

Since 2005, we have achieved to raise £2,225,000 to help more than 500 children with school fees and contributed to numerous school projects such as :

  • Science laboratories, computer rooms, IT equipment and tablets
  • Interactive whiteboards and video projectors
  • Primary and secondary school playgrounds
  • Sports equipment and facilities, ping-pong tables and outdoor games
  • Salle Iselin conference room
  • Student common rooms, school canteen, soundproofing of classrooms
  • Art, music rooms and instruments, Library furniture, French and English books
  • Conference for parents

To participate download the form here or contact

Use of your donations

By clicking on the below links you will find where Friends of the Lycée and APL Welfare fund have invested the funds raised thanks to your generosity.

Donations 2017

Donations 2016

Donations 2015



Gala Dinner : Save the Date !

Join us for the highlight of our fundraising campaign!
Charity Gala Dinner is taking place on Friday 9th March 2018 at the Hurlingham Club, Ranelagh Gardens, SW6 3PR

You can make a reservation at or download here the form