8 October 2019


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Dear Parents,

The week of Tuesday 15th to Thursday 17th October 2019 at 2pm, you will all be called to elect:

your representatives on the Governing Board of the Lycée,

and, if you are parent in one of the primary schools, your representatives on the School Council

(1 vote per school + 1 vote for the whole school).

It will be an electronic vote and each parent will have one vote.

You will receive all instructions by mail, either by post for the Lycée Governing Board or in your child’s school bag for the Primary School Councils. Remember to keep your credentials and passwords carefully by October 15 because they will allow you to identify yourself on the electronic voting platform. The link to this platform will be sent to you by email the Lycée. Small tip: remember to take pictures of these identifiers to have them at hand in due time. Attention, the identifiers are not necessarily identical for the 2 polls!

By taking part in these elections, you have the possibility of appointing the parents who will carry the voice of families to the Governing Board of Lycée Charles de Gaulle  (the main body that manages the affairs of the institution) and the Council of school of each primary school.

By voting you will show that the voice of the parents counts!

The different links to vote

Thanking you in advance for your participation.

The APL Committee 2019-2020