16 January 2021

Family support platforms

During this very special period, some families find it difficult to reconcile everything and others want to help.

The APL therefore offers you, during this distance learning period, 2 platforms for exchanging announcements on 2 subjects that seem important to us: computer equipment and tutoring.

How to access these ad platforms ?

Thanks to these 2 platforms, you will be able to view and place an ad to offer or ask for help. The only condition is to have a google or gmail address or an email address linked to a google account. If you don’t have one, you can create an address quickly on www.gmail.com.

   – IT equipment

Some families find themselves in difficulty due to the lack of material, related to siblings or for any other reason. Some of you may have equipment that you can lend, donate yourself or through your businesses, for example, who change their equipment regularly.

You wish to register for the “exchange of computer equipment” platform, click here.

You can consult the best practices guide for the IT exchange group click here

    – School assistance

Some families have volunteered to help children who would be in difficulty during this distance education (homework help for English-speaking families for example or helping with homework) but also proposals for fun games such as chess games that could be organized in line. 

You wish to register for the educational assistance platform, click here.

You can consult the best practices guide for school assistance group click here

Following this registration, you will receive by email a link to access the groups within 24 to 48 hours.
You place your ad yourself and delete it when you want. The APL only serves as an IT support for announcements, it is not responsible for any exchanges that you may make between you. The APL remains the sole administrator of the group and we reserve the right to remove any inappropriate content on these discussion groups.