8 December 2019

Galette des rois 2020

photo galette (1) Order your Galettes in advance for delivery the 10th January...

South Kensington site

Order your galettes on Friday 13 december from 8:30Am to 6Pm and Saturday 14th December from 9AM to 1PM in the main hall at the 35 Cromwell road.

Come and collect the galettes on Friday 10th January at he bottom of the mews’ stairs between 3PM and 6PM.


Wix site

Order your galette (£15)  by email galettewix@gmail.com.

Deliveries will be on Friday 10th January , Friday 17th January and Friday 24th January


All proceeds will go to the school trips . Thanks in advance for your support!


photo galette (1)