4 July 2019

Key Dates for the start of school year

Café des parents Come and meet your APL coordinators for each level and meet new parents (Don't miss the picnics and back-to-school cafes!)

All the dates for each school and every levels!

André Malraux Primary SchoolTuesday 3rd September – welcome reunion with snacks for old and new families from 10:30 to 12:00  at the Lammas Park

Wix Primary School – Tuesday 3rd September – Start of school year picnic at 12 o’clock – Clapham Common (dog free area)

Marie d’Orliac Primary SchoolThursday 5th September – start of school year café at 8:45 at the Pain Quotidien in Parsons Green – and Saturday 7th September – giant picnic in South Park

South Kensington Primary SchoolFriday 6th September – start of school year café at 9 o’clock in Salle Iselin

CollegeMonday 9th September – café at 9:30 for all college levels in Salle Iselin

LycéeTuesday 10th September – café at 9:30 for all lycée levels in Salle Iselin

Bristish SectionWednesday 11th September – café at 9:30 for all BS levels in Salle Iselin