4 July 2019

Key Dates for the start of school year

Come and meet your APL coordinators for each level and meet new parents (Don't miss the picnics and back-to-school cafes!)

All the dates for each school and every levels!

André Malraux Primary SchoolTuesday 3rd September – welcome reunion with snacks for old and new families from 10:30 to 12:00  at the Lammas Park

Wix Primary School – Tuesday 3rd September – Start of school year picnic at 12 o’clock – Clapham Common (dog free area)

Marie d’Orliac Primary SchoolThursday 5th September – start of school year café at 8:45 at the Pain Quotidien in Parsons Green – and Saturday 7th September – giant picnic in South Park

South Kensington Primary SchoolFriday 6th September – start of school year café at 9 o’clock in Salle Iselin

CollegeMonday 9th September – café at 9:30 for all college levels in Salle Iselin

LycéeTuesday 10th September – café at 9:30 for all lycée levels in Salle Iselin

Bristish SectionWednesday 11th September – café at 9:30 for all BS levels in Salle Iselin