Marie d’Orliac


The school Marie d’Orliac – its name being a reference (Marie d’Orliac was at the origin of the two French institutions in London: the French Institut of the United Kingdom and the Lycée Français of London) is located in the Fulham area in the South West of London. A big Victorian building, in front of a beautiful park, welcomes all the students, in the French section as well as the bilingual section (born thanks to a with the Holy Cross (English School). The headteacher is Blaise Fénart.

The APL Team

The APL coordinators are Marie ROGER and Salima TRIKI. You can find their details in your Member Area.

The coordinator and the parents representative at the school, elected and in relay are there to help you and make daily life at school simpler.

Please find below the list of your elected representatives and their substitutes:

Salima Triki

Marie Roger

Marie Thielens

Elfi Tatton-Brown

Wiko Nkema Bosenge

Jacques Freychet

Agnes Perdon

Alice Salomão

Corinne Chant

Agathe Blanquart

Elisabeth Lazovic

Sabina Martinet

Elisabeth Loison-Fichant

Jean-Baptiste Gaudin

Abir Mrad

Aurelia Hull

Aziza Ibno-Zahir

Kristina Aster

Zeineb Mammou

Shanna Fairhurst

Annapaola Desclaux

Charlotte Corcos

Sarah Silvestre

Christelle At

Alexandra Long

Kenza Mansouri

Laurence Boucher

Anne Boss

The APL, The Amicale of Marie d’Orliac, Friends of Bilingual

The APL, “l’Amicale of Marie d’Orliac “ and “Friends of Bilingual” work as partners to organise several events in the year.
  • The “Welcome Breakfast” at the beginning of the school year allowing parents to meet and to invest themselves in different school projects.
  • The Parent/teacher evening
  • The School prom
  • The Pain au Chocolat sales every Friday to help families in difficulty pay for school trips and also for other School projects.
  • The Book Swap allowing children to borrow and lend books in French and English.
And many other punctual projects like the Pub Quiz organised by Friends of Bilingual which had a great success or the Movie show organised to finance school trips for CE1 bilinguals and CM2.
All help or ideas are welcome to help improve these projects and create new ones. Do not hesitate to contacte the various teams.