28 August 2020

Platform for car pooling announcements

For its members, APL have created a platform for car pooling announcements.

We have created a platform for car pooling announcements which will permit you to post an ad or answer ads by other parents of your area which you could carpool to the different annexes (Marie d’Orliac, Malraux, Wix, South Kensington)
This google group platform is reserved for APL members. Hence, we invite you to renew your membership if you have not yet done so or to register to be a member (www.apl-cdg.org.uk). Once you have become a member, we will ask you to complete the following questionnaire indicating:

  • The principal person in charge whom you have specified in your APL membership
  • A google email address which will allow you to access the platform (if you do not have a google email, it is quick and easy to create one at www.gmail.com)

Once your membership has been approved (within 48h), you will receive an email with a link to the group. You will then be able to publish your ad and check out others. Please remember that you MUST add in the title of the ad your area so that it will help with the search.
You will be able to take charge of your ads, like making updates or their removal. This platform is reserved exclusively for carpooling ads. The APL team is the administrator of the group and reserves the right to remove inappropriate content.

We hope that this platform will help you organise your new school year. It will be opened until the October term break.