29 April 2018

Results of the APL Art contest 2018

Screen Shot 2017-11-07 at 19.38.18 This year, in addition to the 18 pupils selected by « the Royal College of Art ». An APL jury has chosen more drawing that will be awarded by the APL.

The winners are :

PANOV Eva (MS in MDO), BAIXAS Augustin (MS in WIX),
FERRIERE Paul (GS in SK),  VAN ZON Louise (GS in MDO),
MACCARTHY Isabella (CP in WIX), GKONIS Penelope (CP in Malraux),
SCHERRER Noah (CE1 in Malraux), PRINGALLE Ania (CE1/CE2 in MDO),
SHARP Lucie (CE2 in SK), ZIKARA Leena (CE2 in MDO), FREDERICKS Sebastien (CE2 in SK), BROCARD Lola (CE2 in Malraux), AGBO-BLOUA Marion (CE2 in SK), DE FONCLARE Alice (CE2 in SK),
PLOQUIN Lucile (CM1 in SK), DHERS Stanislas (CM1 in SK), LAURENCIN Romain (CM1 in SK), CHAUVET Clara (CM1 in SK), FLAIG Gauthier (CM1 in SK), KTORZA Benjamin (CM1 in SK), RISS-BOUSABAA Layla (CM1 in MDO),
HOUPERT Nathan (CM2 in SK), BOENNEC Helena (CM2 in WIX), KELSALL Sofia (CM2 in Malraux),
MIGNON Marie (6eme), NABIALEK Mila (6eme), ASSAF Lea (6eme),
STEPHENS Zach (5eme), RAM Céleste (5eme),
SERANDOUR Camille (4eme),
DEVE Maxine (3eme), GUERINET Garance (3eme).

We would like to thank all the participants and felicitate all of them for their excellent talent!

This year, winners are invited with their families to be awarded in a ceremony on Friday the 18 may 2018 at 4:30pm in Salle Iselin, with the presence of the Proviseurs Adjoints, Mme Delphine Carton et M. Olivier Colangelo.

Can you please book your place by contacting Laurence Dorey : lbdoreyapl@gmail.com