School Insurance

This Q&A will help you understand some aspects of the policy. You must also read the CGEA Conditions Générales before subscribing.

This service is provided for APL members. Please access the member area.

The 2021-2022 rate is  :
– £15 for a child
– £10 for the 2nd
– £5 for the 3rd
– free for the 4rd and other childs

Who can I insure?

All the children from the same family, from Nursery School to Terminale, as long as at least one child is a pupil at the Lycée.

Do I need to subscribe to the insurance offered by APL?

No. You are free to choose any suitable insurance. Please note that certain insurances exclude risks when your child is not in your care, custody or control and/or exclude certain activities. Check that your child is insured for his activities during school time and for any other activities with the Lycée.

Why is the APL involved?

APL has taken out this insurance in response to requests from families and the administration. The ‘purchasing group’ has the ability to negotiate substantial discounts on the standard premium purely by reason of the number of pupils involved for the benefit of those members of APL who seek cover for their children. APL is not an intermediary and does not arrange or facilitate contracts of insurance. Furthermore APL does not receive commission and makes no charge for its time and services.

Can APL advise me?

APL does not conduct a professional business of arranging insurance. It is not in a position to advise on the relative benefits of the policy nor to draw comparisons with other insurance contracts.

Why use CGEA? and who are the insurers ?

CGEA are insurance brokers with substantial experience in providing cover for school pupils of French Lycées around the world. The cover is provided, through CGEA, in a combined policy document by one insurer, Tokyo Marine, which provides cover for personal injury, third party liability and statutory liability as well as a travel cover.

How do I subscribe?

Complete this document (Déclaration et demande d’indemnisation) and tick the appropriate box(es) to request the insurance. Please read this instructions ( INSTRUCTIONS EN CAS D’ACCIDENT)

What is the period of cover and from what date is my child covered?

The insurance period will start on Back-to-school day in September 2020 and continue until midnight 31 October 2021, cover being effective from the date the completed form, with payment of premium, is received and confirmed by APL.

When will I receive my certificate?

Your certificate will be sent directly to you by the insurance company by email early September or within 15 days if the subscription is taken after the summer holiday. Check your spams!

Can I join the scheme part way through the year?

Yes, but the full annual premium remains payable regardless of the day of subscription.

What is covered? What is excluded?

In general, personal injury/death, third party liability, travel & accident, and statutory/civil liability are the covered risks.The policy contains specified excluded risks and there are financial limits on successful claim payments. For further information, consult the CGEA brochure.

How do I claim?

Complete the Claim Form, which you can download from , and address it directly to CGEA within 5 days of an accident/incident.

The above information is provided by APL without any assumption of responsibility
and does not intend to create any legal relationship between APL and the insured/insurer.


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