École de WIX

The Wix School : one building, two schools, a unique spirit.

In this large Victorian building, , two schools share three educational structures :

  • The French School Wix, annex of the Lycée Français Charles de Gaulle, managed by Mrs Zurbach. This annex was created in 1993. It counts 7 French classes from Second year of Kindergarden to the CM2.
  • Belleville Wix Academy, a public English school managed by Belleville Academy and directed by Mr Grove (Executive Headteacher) and Mrs Osuntokun (Acting Headteacher).
  • The bilingual classes of the Wix school or Wix Bilingual Primary Stream, co-managed by the two schools and directed by the two directors. The bilingual sector was created in 2006. It counts 7 bilingual classes from MS/Reception to the CM2/Y6.

The APL team

The APL coordinator is Linda RIGHEZZA. You can contact her by email: aplwix@gmail.com

Your preps for the Conseil d’École:

Linda    Righezza, Emilie    Marty, Sam    Kirk, Virginie    Godard, Elise    Breton, Camille    Burgerhout, Sylwia Ciszewski Faccio, Paola Vetere, Violaine Teisseire, Heloise Rasolofo, Agnes Spinner, Caroline Bovay, Nicolas Galan, Alexandra Wild, Anne Weller, Stéphanie et Yves Geisenberger, Delphine Psaume, Natasha Almanza Cade, Fabienne Bisset, Helene Durand Jeal, Marguerite De Maredsous

Commissions have also been created to work on specific aspects of the school life.
Find below all necessary details :

  • Commission Cantine : You can contact it at cantinewix@gmail.com
  • Commission Bilingue : You can contact it at  bilinguewix@gmail.com



Children’s Christmas Fair after school on Friday 7 December!

“Magic show, bouncy castle, face paintin, tombolas, games and much much more !”

Les galettes des Rois on the way!

You can order the galettes by email galettewix@gmail.com, the galettes will be available aftr school on Friday 11 January and Friday 18 January.