British Section

A British School with a “French Touch”.

The British Section has recently celebrated its 60th anniversary. This is a unique feature among French Lycées abroad, which brings an additional choice of education to our children.

A the end of 4ème, students can either continue with the French syllabus or opt to switch to the British Section and follow the British curriculum.  The 64 students each year who join 3GCSE work towards English GCSE examinations, which are taken at the end of 2GCSE. The majority of students then stay with the British Section to complete their A Levels at the end of TAL (Terminale A Level).

The British Section offers a traditional academic curriculum along with dedicated teaching and very effective pastoral care. Teaching is delivered in English, with the exception of French lessons, and the English curriculum is followed, whilst nurturing the students’ French language and culture – the study of French being compulsory until the end of TAL.

Admission to the British Section is not automatic and there are usually more candidates than available places (typically 90 candidates for 64 places).  Presentations are made in January and taster sessions are offered in February for interested students.  Admission procedures involve a written English test and an interview, both conducted in March. Final application decisions are made by a Commission d’Admission at the end of March.

The British Section is not academically selective (apart from English): pupils are not admitted on the basis of their grades or school reports, but rather based on their motivation and suitability for the British education system. There are some key differences to life and study in the British Section, beyond the obvious language difference, which are explained during the presentations to 4emes.

Despite this non-selective ethos, British Section students achieve fantastic outcomes, regularly the highest in the Borough of Kensington & Chelsea, the majority going on to Russell Group universities. Click here for more information about admission procedures, the British Section and students’ university destinations after A levels.

The APL and the British Section

As with the French Section, APL is very active in the British Section through its coordination and class reps.  The APL coordinator of the British Section this year is  Anne-France Kennedy.