Charles de Gaulle


A brief history

The French Lycée Français Charles de Gaulle of London was created in 1915 in the Victoria district, before joining South Kensington five years later.

The institution offers the official school curriculum from Kindergarden to Terminale, as well as the possibility of pursuing the British curriculum starting from Troisième (equivalent of 10th grade), by presenting the British GCSE exams and A levels.

Two primary schools of the Lycée Français also offer a bilingual curriculum ( French and British) in partnership with the local primary schools Wix and Holy Cross. The staff of Charles de Gaulle has continuously increased since its creation and to answer the schooling needs of an expanding French community, three primary schools, annexes of the Lycée, have seen the light, Wix in Clapham, André Malraux in Ealing, Marie d’Orliac in Fulham.



Far from the 120 students at start, the Lycée in total gathered 3 700 students at the beginning of school in 2017, distributed between:

  • 2 700 students on the South Kensington site, including 500 students in primary from Kindergarden to CM2, and 2 200 students in Sixième to Terminale
  • The other primary schools annexes welcoming 1 000 other students of the institution.


Organisation and Management

The Lycée Charles de Gaulle of London is an institution “Homologué en Gestion Direct”.  It is open to French children residing in London as well as francophone students of other nationalities.

This kind of Lycée has two main objectives:

  • insure the pursuit  of a French education to children of expats
  • contribute through education of the diffusion of French culture throughout the world.

The Lycée offers a teaching in agreement with the programs of the State French system and prepares to the same official exams and diplomas. Its homologated statute (approved by the French Ministry of Education)  allows the French students to apply for school grants.

The Lycée Charles de Gaulle of London, and its annexes, is an institution in direct management (EGD) which depends for its functioning ( staff allocation, regulation of instances) on the Agency for French Teaching Abroad ( AEFE). The AEFE is itself under the supervision of the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs.  An integral part of the public institution, the Lycée’s budget is aggregated each year to that of the AEFE, which grants subventions and which remunerates in part the employees who are appointed staff.

For information, Charles de Gaulle is the only institution in Direct Management in London.


Today, it is estimated that the part financed by the French State in Charles de Gaulle’s global budget is 40%.

The 60% left are financed by the parents through school fees.


Inspection and Control

Besides the classic French control made by the National Education’s inspections. The Lycée Français Charles de Gaulle of London is subjected to the local inspection by the Office for Standards in Education (Ofsted). It is the British organism responsible in particular of controlling the proper functioning of teaching institutions and of the services related to childhood.

The Ofsted proceeds to an inspection every three years. This gives rise to the publication of a public report ( available on the organisation’s website and of the Lycée’s). which describes the institution and makes a detailed account of the situation and conclusions of the inspectors. Regular inspections follow up to ensure that the recommendations  are respected and that all the measures judged as necessary for the improvement of the institution’s functioning are put in place. The latest report of the Ofsted concerning the Lycée Français Charles de Gaulle of London was done on November 5th 2013.

We also invite you to check  the different regulations and policies of the Lycée.