Secondary School – Collège

The college welcomes children from the 6ième (11-12 yrs old) to the 3ième.

APL Coordination

Your coordinators for these year groups are:

6ème : Sam KIK and Stéphane Marquezy

5ème : Sarah SILVESTRE and Sophie TISSERAND

4ème : Hélène El hayek andCarol SHEA

3ème : Agnès CASIN and Elodie LANDOU KITOUDI

The coordinators and representatives are there to help you and represent you.

Find their contact details when you logon on as an APL member.

The big steps of Collège

The 6ième, the first year in secondary. Your child has chosen between the plurilingual section or  the International Section course.

The 4ième, the year of the choice between the French or British Sections.

The 3ième, the year of the Brevet, the first official French exam

The different teachings

On the Lycée’s website, you will find the information of the various suggested teachings. We specifically recommend the following sections: “Le Projet Langues“, the options and the FAQ.

In general the Lycée organises informative meetings a few months before the choices must be made. Have a look at the Lycée’s website on a regular basis and make sure that you subscribed to the Lycée’s newsletter so you don’t miss anything.

Don’t hesitate to contact your representatives if you have doubts or questions.

The role of the CPE

The Principa Adviser of Education (CPE)  leads the school life per year under the authority of the Head of the School. He/she organises the student lives in the school outside of teaching, follows up on absences and participates in the class meetings. He also trains the class representatives.

The role of the Principal Teacher

The principal teacher listens and informs the students. He assures the link between families and students on one side and the teaching team on the other. He helps each student elaborate his personal project.

The Clubs and student Associations

The Lycée house also a certain number of clubs and associations.

The APL and the Collège

Outside of its role with parents and the Lycée, the APL supports a certain number of initiatives in the Collège.

  • The APL sponsorises for example the “Bal Masqué” for the 6ième and 5ième by offering prizes to reward the best fancy costumes.
  • Every Thursday, the volunteer parents sell pains au chocolat to the students of the Secondary. The benefits are given to the APL Welfare Fund for financial help to school trips for families in need.