In the United Kingdom

The French schools in the United Kingdom :

The Lycée Charles de Gaulle has been until recently the only secondary school up to the Baccalauréat in London. Due to increasing educational demands, new schools have been created :
– The CFBL : Collège Franco Bilingue of London, a AEFE “conventionnée” school, opened since Septembre 2011, offering teaching from Grande Section to the 3ième.
– The Lycée International Winston Churchill which was open its doors in Wembley in September 2015 and is a AEFE “conventionnée” school from Grande Section to Terminale.
These schools are independent from the Lycée Charles de Gaulle even though they are part of the same network and can work together in certain fields.

Outside of the secondary, a certain number of AEFE primary schools exist too with “homologué” or ” conventionné ” status (Jacques Prévert, L’Ecole des Petits/Battersea, the Ecole Bilingue, the Hérisson).

Finally there is also a school officially “homologuée” and part of the MLF network (Mission Française Laïque) the EIFA.
For more information on these schools, check on the Consulate website.

The “Plan Ecole”

Most of these schools have been created or have grown thanks to the “Plan Ecole”. This plan unites all the different Education actors. The Embassy, the Consulate, the various elected members, school headmasters, the managing team of the Lycée Charles de Gaulle, the AEFE, the parent associations, the teacher trade unions, the FEPT trust (French Education Property) are all present. The final decision being made by the Embassy.
This plan articulates itself around two major goals:

Goal 1: The creation of extra availabilities in the French educational system.
Goal 2: The development of a bilingual offer and especially partnerships with English schools.

The APL and The “Plan Ecole”

The APL has played a very active role in the School Plan since its creation by participating in the different work groups and searches for school premises.

The APL, aware of its mandate, represents all the parents of the Lycée Charles de Gaulle (South Kensington, Wix, André Malraux and Marie d’Orliac) from kindergarden to Terminale while at the same time contributing to general interest.