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Becoming an APL member

To become an APL member please fill the online registration form. The membership fee is £17.

Thanks to your membership you make the work of your association possible.

Becoming a Parent Class Representative

Every year when back to school, you can register to become a class representative. Once registered the APL Committee checks that every class has two class representatives. The Class representatives are all volunteers.

Please have a look at our Class Rep memo (the delegate memento) to better understand what being a Class Representative entails.

The APL Class representatives are the link between APL and families and between families themselves.

  • At Secondary class levels, these class rep liaise with the teachers or the CPE for any general question.
  • In the Primary schools, there are now two different types of Class Reps : The Parent Elect for the Conseil d’Ecole and Parent Relais/Relay


    Every class is represented by one, two or three parents. These parents can have two roles in the school:

    “Parents Relais”:

    They can be asked by the teacher to link and mobilize the other parents as part of class projects and events.

    They pass all the official APL information to the parents who agreed to give their contact details.

    They can be the ones who organize social events with the parents, out of the school, and who can listen to any feedbacks about the school.

    “Parents élus”:

    Every year, in October, the APL will present a list of parents, holders and  deputies, in preparation for the school committee meeting, “conseil d’école”. The “conseil d’école” is an official meeting which regroup the direction, the teachers and the elected parents, three times a year. The functioning of the school is the main topic then.

    These elected parents will represent all the parents during this committee meeting.

    Most of the time, the parents on that list are “parents relais” as well.

The class rep network (Secondary level class reps, Parents Elects and Parents Relais/Relay) is an essentiel network for the association as it allows the APL to represent and work with all families every step of the way and in all the Lycée Charles de Gaulle’s sites.

Becoming a Committee Member

Every June, the Association General Meeting takes place,. Any member of the APL with enough spare time to give can submit his/her candidacy. All the Committee members are volunteers.

Being a Committee Member entails the active participation to the APL activities. It is a great experience for the member and is very useful for the overall Lycee’s community.

Please have a look at our Charter/Charter Committee

For more information, contact now our office. We will be more than happy to discuss the Committe with you. Email: