Other Projects

The “Plan Ecole”

The “Plan Ecole”  gathers all the actors of the French Education in the United Kingdom. The “Plan Ecole”  has two objectives:

– Create more spaces in the French educational system

– and also to develop the places of French language in the British educational system.

The APL has been very active in this organisation since its creation by participating in various work groups and in research of premises. The APL, conscious of its mandate, represents all the parents at the Lycée Charles de Gaulle (South Kensington, Wix, André Malraux and Marie d’Orliac) from Kindergarden to Terminale and, at the same time, contributing to the general interest. Find more information on the School Plan.


The Roundabout at South Kensington (Queensberry Place)

This project, initiated by the APL in 2011 has finally seen the light of day with the inauguration of a refurbished Queensberry Place on last December 15th 2014. This place, not very attractive, was dangerous, allowing the access to cars in the midst of a few 3000 students leaving the Lycée. The project, led by the APL, complex and including various actors, has allowed the restriction of the access and parking of vehicles, the creation of a part reserved only for pedestrians and necessary alteration works to improve the environment and lighting.

The APL thanks again the Borough for these measures which insure a better security to the students and employees of the Lycée.


The Sale of Pastries for Solidarity

The Sale of “Pains au Chocolat” is a charitable action led by volunteer parents and the benefits are used by the APL Welfare Fund to help families fund the school trips organised by the School.

On the South Kensington site, every Thursday of the school year under the impulse of Soraya Flitti, our youngsters can, if they wish, feast on fruit compote or a pastry during the morning break.

This solidarity is also very present in the primary school annexes where the pastry sales are also organised for the pleasure of all and always helping for the funding of Help for School Trips:

– André Malraux, Friday afternoon led by the Amicale, contact@amicale-malraux.com

– Marie d’Orliac, on Friday afternoons organised by the Amicale,

– Wix, on Friday afternoon organised by a different class every week (Linda Righezza aplwix@gmail.com)

We thank these parents for their generous help. But they also need yours ! Please don’t hesitate to contact them to offer your help.


The Book Fair

The School Book Fair is a space dedicated to the exchange of second-hand books. This Fair takes place on the South Kensington site at the end of June with the help of parent volunteers, coordinated by the APL. This allows parents of students who wish to buy or sell their school books at a lesser price than the ones found in bookstores. The APL does not interfere with the transactions which are made directly between parents without fixed prices. The date of the Book Fair is communicated to the parents a few weeks before it takes place and after the publication of the school books asked by the Lycée for the following year.

Should you wish to help organising this annual fair please contact : info@apl-cdg.org.uk

The APL has participated or still participates in various other projects such as School Travel Plan in the different schools. If you have projects that you wish to put in place, do not hesitate to contact the APL about it.