Our Action

Listening and representing the parents in the Lycée’s instances

The APL Committee elected members are the voice of the families  for the various instances like the School Councils, the Secondary Degree Council, the Permanent Commission, the School Council and commissions such as Travel, Menus, Hygiene and Security… The APL Committee also represents the families in the official instances out of the School, like the French Local Commission for School Grants or the “Plan Ecole”.

The Committee is in permanent contact with the different members of the Lycée’s administration. The Committee organises “on duty” office times at South Kensington to answer questions from families and may be contacted by email. The Committee members work every day with the parent representatives and the relay parents to deal with any problem or question.


The APL Committee informs families through meetings, emails, and newsletters, through this website www.apl-cdg.org.uk and in the pages dedicated to the association in L’Echo magazine.

L’ Echo is a magazine for francophone families in London. An association independent from the APL, it is a magazine that gives excellent information on life in England for the francophone community. For more information on L’Echo.

All the APL members automatically receive this magazine at home as part of the APL membership.

Organisation of events for the students and their families

  • The APL Committee organises, in association with the Lycée, the Career and Higher Education Forum for all students and their parents, of the 2nde, 1ières and Terminales classes. This annual Forum is an excellent opportunity for our students to meet, in the Lycée’s premises, the universities or schools that are in the UK, the USA, Canada or France. The students also get to meet professionals in various field activities, who come explain what was their education and career path. These professionals are parents who kindly give their time for our students.
  • The APL Committee organises the Art Competition.
  • In each primary school, in partnership with the APL parent representatives, the parent volunteers or other associations, the Committee coordinators organise specific events like school parties which contribute to create a good atmosphere.

Fundraising for the benefit of the two Charities which support the Lycée and its families

The annual Fundraising campaign is orchestrated by the APL Committee and articulates itself around the Gala evening , thanks to a dinner, auction sales and raffle tickets. The Trustees of these Charities are key players to these fundraising campaigns.

This campaign allows to finance the two Charities,  Friends of the Lycée and the LFCG Families Charity Fund.

  • Friends of the Lycée supports French and bilingual teaching. It allows the financing of school equipment, the renovation of the premises, contributing to school grants and participating in educational projects.
  • The LFCG Families Charity Fund offers specific help for families in need of support to pay school fees.

Management of school and extracurricular Insurance

The parents of the Lycée can subscribe to the insurance facilitated by the APL which deals with the subscription followup to help out families.

Management of specific projects

The Committee manages or participates in specific projects such as security at the Turnabout or the “Plan Ecole”

For more details please have a look at our Activities section on our website.