Representing families


Besides the daily work of dialogue and communication led by APL with families and the Lycée, the elected members of the association hold seats at the Lycée’s official councils or outside.

Lycée Charles de Gaulle

The School Council (for all 4 sites)

The School Council is the principal instance of decision. It meets three to four times per year, under the presidency of the head master. Here sit several representatives of the administration, the teaching team, the parents and the students. The Elected Consular Advisors (Conseillers Consulaires) and the Consulate are also represented.

The elected representatives for the parents have seven seats.

This council  is competent in the educational and teaching fields, even though the final decision sits with the AEFE’s central board. The Council adopts the school’s project, the internal rules, the school hours and the calendars, the staff training plans.

It gives its opinion on numerous questions concerning the Lycée’s life.

The budgets and financial accounts of the School are also presented there.

The Health and Safety Committee

Its mission is to make useful propositions for security training and to contribute to the improvement of the health and safety conditions on the site. Two parent representatives sit at this Commission.


The Menu Committee

Parents, attending this committee, work with the Management and those in charge of Catering to finalise the elaboration of Menus and to keep them informed of the families’ comments.

The School Trips Committee

This Committee gathers the Head master and his deputies, the Finance Manager, the teacher and parents representatives. Its goal is to provide an opinion on the school trips projects presented by the teachers ( price, date, etc.). The managing team makes the educational validation.

Secondary Education

The Second Degree Council

The Second Degree Council prepares the work of the School Council for all topics relating to  the Second Degree such as: the educational structures, organisation of time and school calendar, the school project, the conditions for schooling of handicapped children, the projects and organisation of school trips, the questions regarding reception, the information of students’ parents and the general modalities of their participation in school life. The representatives of the students’ parents, elected, have 3 seats. Nowadays, the Council meets twice a year.

The Council of Lycée Life (CVL)

The CVL is a dialogue platform for the Lycée students, which meets every term. Its members are elected by the 2e, 2eGSCE, 1e, PAL, Terminales and TAL students. Parents are allocated two seats without right to vote. It allows to study questions concerning the student life in school:

– The organisation of studies and school time, the elaboration of the school project and the internal rules;

– The catering;

– The organisation of personal time, of personalised tutoring, of the options for tutoring for change of orientation, of support and help to students, linguistic and cultural exchanges;

– The information related to the orientation ( school and university studies and professional careers);

– Health, hygiene and security, the planning of space for student life;

– The organisation of sport, cultural and extracurricular activities. Opinion and solutions offered by the lycée students are then presented to the School Council by the CVL vice-president.

Primary School

The School Councils

The School Councils are presided by each school headmaster and composed of teachers and parents representatives of every level (15 of each group for schools with more than 15 classes). The School Council takes place once per term.

The school council votes the internal rules of the school upon the headmaster’s suggestion.

The council must be consulted for any questions related to the school’s functioning and daily life, especially relating to:

– The educational structures;

– The organisation of time and school calendars;

– The school project or part of the school project upon proposition of the teachers’ council.

– The particular actions allowing the confirmation of a better use of school allocated means and a good adaptation to its environment;

– The conditions for the organisation of the students’ schooling for specific educational needs, while taking into account the local limitations.

– The projects and organisation of school trips;

– The questions related to hygiene, health and the security of students in the school and extracurricular settings.

– The principals of choice for the educational material and tools.

– The questions related to the welcoming, the information of students parents and the general modalities of their participation in school life.

Outside Charles de Gaulle

The Local French Committee for Grants

Twice a year, the Consulate Social Services present the requests for school grants.  The Consulate authorities, the Cultural Adviser’s Assistant in charge of educational issues, the headmasters, the Lycée’s Finance Director, the Elected Consulate Advisors (Conseillers Consulaires)  and the parent representatives all meet together at the Consulate for this Committee.

The Commission’s role is to propose to the National Grants Committee a distribution between the different applicants of the local budget granted by the AEFE.

The “Plan Ecole”

Two representatives of the APL are involved in the “Plan Ecole” and seat at meetings. The APL President has a seat at the Pilot Committee of the Plan Ecole in the presence of the Ambassador.