The lycée


The Lycée welcomes students from “Seconde” to “Terminale”. More than 900 students are part of the lycée years and share the South Ken site with pupils from the primary school and the collège.

Your APL lycée coordinators are:

  • 2nde: Karen BARGUES
  • 1ères  : Coralie ETROY et Elodie LANDOU-KITOUDI
  • Terminales : Soraya FLITTI

The coordinators and Class Reps are here to help you and represent you. Find their details in the member area.

The Lycee Years

•”2nde” : The enseignements d’exploration. The year, your child will need to choose his section (L, ES, S). The year you child can take the IGCSE English exam.
• “1ère” : Baccalauréat French and  start of the process for going into higher education
• “Terminale” : Baccalaureat and Higher Education


It is highly recommended to start as early as possible the selection process of the universities/schools your child would like to apply in order to make the right choices for the final years of the lycée in terms of options and sections.
For our children, living in the UK offers incredible opportunities and choices for higher education but this wealth of choices can also end up a bit complex to deal with.

Please have a look at the Lycée’s website for more information on the choice of options and sections. We specifically recommend the following : “Projet Langues” and  description of options.

The Lycée usually organises information meetings a few months ahead of the deadline to select the options/sections for the following year. Please check the Lycée’s website and make sure you have subscribed to receive the Lycée’s newsletter to ensure you don’t miss a meeting.

Do not hesitate to contact your Class Rep for any information.

The CIO and its role

The Lycée and our children benefit from having a C.I.O (Centre d’Information et d’Orientation). The CIO  team is here to help and advise students during their secondary school years as well as for the selection of their higher education or professional paths.  Find here more information.

The Career and Higher Education Forum

This yearly event is co-organised by the APL and the Lycée’s CIO. The Forum is open to all lycée student (2nd to Terminale) and gathers professionals from several different sectors as well as representatives from universities and schools in the US, France, Canada, UK etc…

This Forum, which takes place at the end of the 1st term is a unique opportunity for our students to know more about different careers paths and types of higher education.

The Conseil de la Vie Lycéenne

The CVL is a Lycee council which gathers once a term. Their members are students elected by their peers from 2nde, 2nde GCSE, 1ère, PAL, Terminale, TAL (i.e. the French and British Sections).

The parent’s representatives are present with two seats without voting rights. The administratio is represented as well. This council is the place where the following topics are discussed :

– The organisation of study and school times, the Lycée Charles de Gaulle Strategic Plan, the internal policy.

– The canteen ;

– Personal study, personalised tutoring, help for orientation change, general support, language or cultural exchanges ;

– Information for the future of our students (Higher Education or Careers) ;

– Health and Safety as well as improvement of spaces ;

– The organisation of sport, cultural and other extracurricular activities. L’organisation des activités sportives, culturelles et périscolaires Avis et solutions offerts par les lycéens sont alors présentés à la connaissance du Conseil d’établissement par le vice‐président du CVL.

Students’ Clubs et Associations

You can find quite a few extracurricular clubs and associations.

The APL and Lycee years

Apart from the Career Forum, which is a key event for students and their families as well as for the Lycée, the APL supports other events at the Lycée such end of year events as well as helping to finance the Alumni’s yearbook.

Every Thursday, volunteer parents come to sell pastries to the secondary school students. The benefits from these sales go to the APL Welfare Fund to finance school trips for families in financial difficulties.