Chers parents,

Petit reminder pour notre conférence APL, spécialement réservée à nos membres Lundi 15 Janvier à 19h en zoom.

Nos membres recevront un lien afin de se connecter à la conférence, lundi après-midi, pour ceux qui souhaitent y participer mais ne sont pas encore adhérents, voici le lien, afin que vous puissiez prendre votre adhésion APL annuelle à 20£ qui vous offre plus de services: accès aux petites annonces et aux conférences APL,

Thème de la conférence:

"Those Awkward conversations : Talking to your child about sex and relationships"

Education is the key to young people having healthy future relationships and that education is most effective when it takes place both in school and at home. In this webinar, Isla will provide information, tools and advice about how to approach these topics with young people: how and when to have these conversations and what to say. Parents will leave informed, inspired and empowered about having 'Those Awkward Conversations' - about sex and relationships - with their child. This talk is suitable for parents of children of all ages.

Isla van Tricht is a writer and schools speaker with expertise in sex education. In the past eight years has spoken to thousands of students, staff and parents on topics including pornography, consent and healthy relationships. She is a trained youth worker and has worked with teenagers in and out of school contexts for over a decade.

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