L'APL en partenariat avec le Dr Momeni vous invite à une conférence de Karl Hopwood, le Jeudi 07 Mars à 19h en visio-conférence.

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Cette conférence est financée par Friends of the Lycée

Thème de la Conférence

Karl Hopwood will provide us with  an overview of what children and young people are really doing when they are online. 

He will talk about the real risks that children face – we will look at the things that are most likely to affect most children.

Parents want their children to benefit from the amazing opportunities that the internet brings but they want them to be able to do that in a safe and secure way.   

He will show us a mixture of technical solutions – things that parents can do to their child’s device, their broadband at home and to individual apps and games to provide their children with a safer experience underlining the importance of dialogue.

La Team Conférence APL